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Prophet Ibrahim

Ibrahim (pbuh) and the Idol Temple

Ibrahim started his heavenly mission and so addressed his people: What are these inanimate statues before which you have kneeled down? They said, "Our fathers had been worshipping idols and we do just as our fathers did." Ibrahim said: "you and your fathers have all been misled" They said: "Have you brought us true words or are you making fun of us?" Ibrahim said, "there is the unique God who is the creator of earth and heavens and the supervisor of all their affairs."

When Ibrahim noticed that people didn't accept to leave idolatry, he decided to break idols and prove their inability and weakness.

At the time of festivity, when all the people had to leave the city Ibrahim pretended to be sick and stayed home. When he found the city deserted of people and the idol-temple without any guards as he easily stepped in the idol-temple, and walked around.

Idols were decorated with different ornaments and were placed all around the idol-temple. Ibrahim who was determined broke all the idols except the big one which had put his axe in its hand.

People having performed the ceremonies, returned to the city, but when they saw the mess in the temple as well as the broken idols, they became so sad and angry. You could hear some saying:

"We know the young man who's done this. He is the one who always insults the idols, his name is Ibrahim. He believes it's foolish to worship idols and he reproaches us for doing that, we believe he has broken our idols."

They sent for Ibrahim, brought him to the temple and asked him: "Have you broken our idols"?

Ibrahim answered firmly: "How do you know. May be, the big idol has done so with the other idols. It is better to ask him and get reassured of course if he is able to answer your question".

People said, "But Idols can't talk and answer!"

Ibrahim immediately said, "Instead of great God, you worship something which has no use or harm for you and can't even answer you shame upon you and what you worship."

No one could give any answer to what Ibrahim said, and so they all became quiet and started to think about what had happened.

Ibrahim On fire

Accusing Ibrahim for breaking the idles, Namrood's followers decided to revenge Ibrahim and set him on fire. They believed Ibrahim's deed was a public offence and so everybody should cooperate in getting revenge. Therefore every one started gathering some firewood.

Soon after a heap of firewood was prepared they set it on fire and made a huge fire out of it in the middle of the desert. The dancing flames of fire were so outstretched and hot that nobody could even get close so they used a big catapult to throw Ibrahim into fire to console themselves and decrease their rage. At first, Ibrahim was disappeared in the fire and people thinking that he was burnt, started to shout happily. But it was through God's will that the flames of fire got cold for Ibrahim and didn't burn him so he reappeared unhurt.

Namrood and his followers who were watching Ibrahim unbelievably realised that fire had done no harm to Ibrahim. While they were all gazing admiringly of this heavenly miracle and sign of God, they understood the righteousness of Ibrahim's invitation and the truthfulness of his words and claims.

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