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Prophet Adam

Prophet Adam

Before there was anything else, there was Allah (SWT).

Then Allah (SWT) decided to create the universe we know.

Allah(SWT) created the stars, the sun, the moon, and all the planets, including the Earth.

On Earth, he created all of the oceans, forests, mountains, rivers, trees and flowers.

Then Allah (SWT) wanted to create a man, and so He did. He called the man Adam - the first man ever.

Adam(a.s) was not like the other creations on Earth. He was a very special creation of Allah (SWT). Allah gave him a mind with which he could think and choose.

He gave him a heart in order that he may feel and love.

Allah (SWT) "Put onto him His own spirit." (15:29) Allah (SWT) gave Adam(a.s) a special place to live called Jannah.

Jannah means "garden." Adam had everything that he needed in Jannah, and he was very happy living there.

The Disobedience of Iblis: Allah’s special gift to Adam(a.s) was the gift of knowledge. He taught Adam things. He taught(a.s) many him the names of "all things." He gave Adam(a.s) a desire to learn. None of Allah’s (SWT) creations knew as much as Adam(a.s) did, not even His angels.

He was very special to Allah (SWT). One day, Allah (SWT) asked the angels and the jinn to come and see Adam(a.s), His new creation.

When everyone gathered, Allah (SWT) asked the angels to tell Him the names of some of His creations.

The angels could not answer the questions. They said, "0, Allah (SWT), we know only what you have taught us. You are perfect in knowledge and wisdom." (2:32)

The angels did not know the names of those things.Then, Allah (SWT) told the angels that Adam was superior to them and told them all to bow down to Adam.

However, there was a jinn who was with the angels. His name was Iblis. Iblis was very proud and stubborn. He thought that he was better than everyone else, so he refused to bow to Adam(a.s).

He told Allah (SWT), "I am better than Adam - you have created me from fire and him from clay." (7:l2)

Allah (SWT) is kind and merciful, but He does not like disobedience. Allah (SWT) was angry at Iblis and made him leave Jannah. Iblis had no choice. He had to leave. Before he left, he told Allah (SWT) that he would make Adam(a.s) and all his children disobey Allah (SWT). Allah (SWT) said he could try, but the good people of Allah would never listen to him. (7: 11-15) Allah (SWT) created all creatures on Earth in pairs.

Allah (SWT) created another human being along with Adam(a.s), a woman named Hawwa(Eve). She was a beautiful and noble woman. Adam(a.s) and Hawwa lived in Jannah.

They were both happy there. Allah (SWT) gave them everything that they wanted. Allah (SWT) told Adam(a.s) and Hawwa to eat any of the fruits and vegetables in Heaven, except for the fruits of one tree.

Adam(a.s) and Hawwa were very careful to keep away from this forbidden tree. They wanted to obey Allah (SWT).

However, Iblis did not like Adam(a.s) and Hawwa. He thought it was Adam’s(a.s) fault that Allah had sent him away. He wanted to get Adam(a.s) and Hawwa kicked out of Heaven.just like he had been. So he kept trying to make them disobey Allah (SWT).

He told them if they ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, they would live forever.

Finally one day, Adam(a.s) and Hawwa both decided to eat the fruit. They disobeyed Allah’s(SWT) commands. As soon as they tasted it, they both felt very sorry that they had listened to Iblis. They tried to hide in the woods and cover themselves.
They felt very ashamed and did not want Allah to see them. But Allah (SWT) sees everything, and He knew what they had done.

He ordered them both to leave Jannah. Jannah is only for those who obey’ Allah (SWT).

Allah (SWT) sent Adam(a.s) and Hawwa down to Earth.

They were both very sad to leave Jannah, but they knew they were both responsible for disobeying Allah (SWT). Hawwa cried and begged Allah (SWT) to forgive them. They both prayed for forgiveness day and night. Allah (SWT) is kind and compassionate. He is merciful and just. He knew that Adam(a.s)and Hawwa were truly sorry for their deed.
He forgave their sins. Adam(a.s) and Hawwa thanked Him for His kindness.

They promised Allah (SWT) they would follow all of His commands.

Allah (SWT) made Adam His first Prophet on Earth.

Allah (SWT) promised to guide Adam(a.s) and those after him, so that those who followed His guidance could return to Jannah after their life here on Earth.

Iblis remained their enemy. He and his children are still our enemies. Anyone who urges us to disobey Allah (SWT) is a friend of Iblis, and we must never listen to him. Iblis always tries to keep us away from Jannah, and his promises are never true.

Adam(a.s) and Hawwa lived on Earth for a long time. Allah (SWT) gave them both many children. These children had many children, who had many grandchildren.

The children and grandchildren of Adam(a.s) and Hawwa started to move around the world.

They moved to the north, the south, the east and the west.

We are all children of Adam(a.s) and Hawwa.

This means that we are all brothers and sisters. The whole world is one big family, and that is why we should try to live in peace and harmony - just like a family.

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