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Polygamy VS. Family Planinng

This objection is based on short-sightedness. In Islam, the husband is responsible to maintain his wife or wives and all his children. It is an obligation which must be fulfilled in all circumstances.

If a husband follows the tenets of Islam, he is bound to think twice before entering a new marriage whether he would be able to meet his financial and other obligations concerning the new wife and her off-spring. If his financial condition is not strong, he has to refrain from the new marriage. Therefore, the question of `economic problems' does not arise at all.

Thus, in the words of John Davenport:-

"Mohammed, therefore, did but legalize a practice not only honoured but even blessed by God himself, under the old dispensation, and declared to be lawful and honourable under the new one; and, consequently, he must be exonerated from the charge of having sanctioned polygamy, and thereby encouraged licentiousness." (An Apology for Mohammed and the Koran p.159)

Before ending this booklet, I would like to quote here a letter written by an African Mr. S.M. Werottere of Karatina (Kenya) which was published in the Sunday Post (Nairobi) of 19th August, 1973.

Adapted from the book: "Why Polygamy is Allowed in Islam?" by: "al-Hajj Ahmad H. Sheriff"

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