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Polygamy: an Ancient Institution

S. V. Mir Ahmad Ali writes :

"Polygamy was prevalent among all the nations of antiquity, not excluding the Hindus and Budhists.

The world in general and Arabia in particular before the ministry of the Holy Prophet was lying deeply buried under gross licentiousness and depravity.

Which historic fact no educated one among us can ever contradict, particularly about the private life of the rulers of the states. The great king Dasarata, the father of Sri Rama, was polygamous. The Christian Monarchs of Europe could not help themselves against having wives more than one. Henry the VIII of England had' as many as eight wives.

Even the great Apostles of God like Abraham, Solomon and the others had wives more than one." (Translation of the Holy Qur'an, footnote no.499)

Adapted from the book: "Why Polygamy is Allowed in Islam?" by: "al-Hajj Ahmad H. Sheriff"

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