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Parent's commitment to ethical matters

If parents are committed to the ethical matters in practice, these values will automatically be transferred to the next geberations too.

Parents could encourage their children with giving them presents; this will reduce children’s mental resistence in accepting these moral and behavioral values.

As it was mentioned before, the most important factor in raising religious children is ‘the parents’. If children witness their parents obeying religious commands all the time, they will grow to walk through the same path too.

Prophet Muhammad said, “God bless those who help their children in doing good deeds.”?

He was asked, “How?”?

“They should accept and encourage what the child has done based on his abilities, not to make the child lie or disobey, not to lie to the child, and not to do anything stupid in front of him,”? said Prophet Muhammad.

Therefore, if parents do not have a strong faith, children might not successfully attain the religious teachings either.

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