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How to Raise Religious Children?

Adolescents do not like to have to rely on others. They do not like to be told what to do, and what not to do, even by their parents. They would like others to have respect for their beliefs; and most importantly, they want to choose their way themselves.

In this article, several points are mentioned, that could help parents attract their young adults to religious matters:

· Show respect for the thoughts and beliefs of your children and let them realize the value of saying prayers, and choose to do it on their own.

· If you rchildren are stil very young, do not overreact if they are not paying enough attention to religious practitioners. Overreaction prevents children from thinking well. Let them feel responsible on the inside.

· Be good role models for your children. Say your prayers on time. This will be a good reminder for your young children.

· Encourage them indirectly. (Give them books about prayers, religious stories, etc.)

·  Make them friends with religious children.

Prophet Muhammad said, “Do not put your children under pressure; this will make them disobey.”?

In most of the times, a mild warning could solve the problem.

Buksten, a western thinker, believes that if you could cut something with a spoon, it is unwise to use a knife to do it.

We should not put our children under pressure to do religious practitioners, as these matters need to be done by love, not by force.

Prophet Muhammad said, “The best among the people is the one who loves carrying out religious practitioners.”?

By putting our children under pressure we are actually denying the sweetness of religious practitioners from them.

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