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Nurturing good Behaviour

The Prophet (SAW) has said:

“Respect your children and teach them good behaviour, Allah will forgive you.”

Imam Ja’fer As-Sadiq (AS) has said:

“Take the initiative to talk to your young ones before they are overcome by their instincts.”

The Prophet (SAW) was once sitting with his companions when he said:

“May Allah save the children of later times from the improper conduct of their fathers.”

The companions asked who these fathers were and what wrong they would do.

The Prophet (SAW) replied:

“From the conduct of the Muslim fathers who do not teach their children religious duties and if the children resort to religious matters they forbid them from doing so, and are contented with regard to their children with insignificant material things. I am disgusted with them ...”

Adapted from the book: "Nikah & Beyond" by: "qfatima.com"

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