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Love and dream!

Adapted from: "Sexual problems of Youths by: "Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi"

Nothing is as dreamy as love. Relationship between the two has been recognized from times immemorial.

Those involved in this trap are always living in a dreamy world, where everything differs from what exists in this world.

Its criteria differ with those of ordinary world, and its events and appearances shall be seen, not heard. However, the terms applied for normal life are not capable of describing the lovers’ life.
So many dreams of the “poets” and striking delicacies of their poems are indebted to the fancies of their real or unreal loves.

On the other hand, when they attain the beloved and see no trace of those sweet dreams, they understand that everything is at the real level or a little higher. They find remarkable realities, but nothing comparable with their dreams!

Then, they are overcome by fear.

A sorrowful coolness replaces the ardent fire of past love and squeezes their heart. They find themselves bankrupt in this transaction. Sometimes they think that they are deceived or mysterious spirits are fighting them directly or with the help of competitors and the envious.

At this time, they display drastic reactions, the severity of which is proportionate to the distance of that dream with this reality: running away from home, divorce, suicide or other acute reactions.


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