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Imam Ali (a.s.) and Yomul Inthar (the day of warning)

When Allah the Almighty had sent down His Revelation to our Prophet, chosen him as His Messenger, and entrusted him with the Divine Mission, I was the youngest member of his family. In those days, I was always with the Messenger of Allah (a.s.). I tried to satisfy him by doing everything well. One day, he invited the children of Abdul Muttalib, from the oldest to the youngest one to his house.

He testified to the Oneness of Allah, spoke of his Prophetic Mission, and invited them to accept his Divine Mission. All of them turned their backs to him and walked away ignoring his statements.

Other people did the same as his own family and tribe did to him. His family resisted to him. In fact, their hearts could not tolerate to accept his Mission and their minds could not analyze the meanings of the Pure Monotheism. The confession of these beliefs was very difficult for them.

In this situation, I was the only one who accepted his invitation. Without no hesitation! I was so certain about my decision, that I joined him with all my heart and mind and felt no doubt whatsoever!

Anyway, three years passed and in these years, there was nobody on the earth who would accept the Prophetic Mission of Mohammad (peace be upon Him) except me and the daughter of khuwaylid (Khadijah). We were the only three ones who offered prayers to Allah, The Most Powerful.

[The narrator of this news, Jabir al-Jo'fi narrates that at that moment]: "Ali (peace be upon him), in front of the people, asked the men who were listening to him: 'Is it not true?' Everyone said, 'O commander of the believers! Yes, it is true!'

The Jewish man whispered to himself: Then it is the first sign.

Adapted from: "The Sufferings of Amirol Mo'minin Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S.); Life and Martyrdom" by: "Majid Massoudi"

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