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Imam Ali (a.s.) and Laylatol Mabeet (the night of sleeping in the Prophet's bed)

O, our Jewish brother, the tribes of Quraysh were always thinking about how to kill the Prophet of Islam. To executetheir devilfish plan, they did everything, until one day they gathered in "Dar an-Nadwah; house of meeting" where Satan was also present there, as the one-eyed man of Thaqif (A'war Thaqif).

Satan expressed and revealed the hidden intentions. He persuaded the men of Quraysh to choose a young man from each tribe to attack and kill the Prophet (a.s.) while sleeping. In this devilish plot, a group of men would kill the Prophet (a.s.), and so the Hashimites [the members from the Bani Hashim tribe] would not be able to avenge on all the Arab tribes. In this way, the Prophet's blood would have been shed in vain.

After they decided to do so, Gabriel came to see the Prophet Muhammad (a.s.) and revealed to him about their plot. Gabriel also told him about the exact time and the night of the execution of the plot. He helped him leave Mecca and directed him to the cave of Hara' in the Thom Mountain.

The Prophet Mohammad (a.s.) told me about this matter and asked me if I would sleep in his bed and sacrifice my life for him? I delightedly agreed to his order and I was very happy to do that.

This special and dangerous night had come and the Messenger of Allah (a.s.) left Mecca. I slept in his bed. In the middle of the night, the men of Quraysh, broke into the Prophet's house, but when they opened the door of the Prophet's room, I got up from his bed and attacked them with my unsheathed sword. You all know how I defended myself. Is it not true?"

Everyone said, "Yes, It is true! You are the commander of the believers!" The Jewish man said to himself: 'This is the second sign.'

Adapted from: "The Sufferings of Amirol Mo'minin Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S.); Life and Martyrdom" by: "Majid Massoudi"

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