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Ibn Taymeeya's condemnation of unjust Yazeed

Ibn Taymeeya in Minhajj

"Yazeed had the sword and hence he had the power to deal with anyone that opposed him. He had the power to reward his subjects with the contents of the treasury, and could also withhold their rights. He had the power to punish criminals; it is in this context that we can understand that he was the khalifah and king. Issues such as Yazeed's piety or lack of it, or his honesty or lack of it, is another matter. In all of his actions Yazeed was not just, there is no dispute amongst the people of Islam on this matter".

Ibn Taymeeya here acknowledges that none of Yazeed's actions were just, and then this automatically means some of his actions also fall within the category of fisq. For a Nasibi such as Ibn Taymeeya to acknowledge such a fact is a major coup, it seems that Azam Tariq and Abu Sualiman's al Nasibi aqeedah is worse than Ibn Taymeeya for these Mullah's are seeking to portray Yazeed in a pious just manner that even Ibn Taymiyya does not! Tell me this you 21st century Nasibis. This is damming for you. The grand sheikh of the Nasibis, Ibn Taymiyya himself, says that Yazeed's evil character and actions are indisputable and unanimously accepted by all scholars. So why have YOU taken it upon yourselves to glorify Yazeed as a Santa Claus and saint? After all, you say Ibn Taymiyya's opinion overrides that of any scholar. This proves that Nasibi'ism /Wahabi'ism is no religion for it has no order or logic in it. It is a confused cult. It feeds on the deep resentment and hatred within the hearts of men. It is a vicious, irrational cult that is pathetically humiliated when asked to debate in the open arena. Ibn Taymiyya's own fatwa on Yazeed damns Nasibi'ism/Wahabism, which he is the leading scholar of. Just recite this fatwa to ANY Nasibi and you will stop him dead in his tracks.

Adapted from the book: "Yazeed"

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