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Ibn Hajr's comments on Yazeed

In his book written against the Shi'a, Sawaiqh al Muhriqa, Ibn Hajr sets out the traditional Sunni position on Yazeed:

"There is difference between Ahl'ul Sunnah over whether Mu'awiya's heir apparent Yazeed was a kaafir. One group have deemed Yazeed to be a kaafir, another has stated he was a Muslim but a fasiq (transgressor), a fajir (one that commits debauchery) and a drunkard. There is consensus over his fisq (transgression). One party of Ulema have stated that you can curse him by name, this includes individuals such as Ibn Jauzi and Ahmad. One group made up of individuals such as Ibn Jauzi deem Yazeed a kaafir, others say he was not a kaafir but rather this is a matter that has caused a difference of opinion. The majority of Ahl'ul Sunnah all agree that he was a fasiq (transgressor), a fajir (one that commits debauchery) and a drunkard. Waqidi had recorded a narration 'Verily we opposed Yazeed fearing Allah (swt) would reign stones down on us, Yazeed considered nikah (marriage) with mothers and sisters to be permissible and drank alcohol".

In Thatheer al Janaan, Ibn Hajr al Makki had stated:

"Rasulullah (s) witnessed a dream in which thirty individuals were jumping on his pulpit like monkeys. This pained Rasulullah (s) so much that until his death no one ever witnessed him smiling. The thirty include the family of Marwan and Yazeed, Yazeed was the worst of them and the greatest Fasiq, and there is a group amongst the [Sunni] imams that have issued fatwas deeming Yazeed to be a Fasiq and a kaafir. Rasulullah (s) said that the Deen would be destroyed at the hands of the youth from Quraysh. This refers to Banu Marwan, Yazeed bin Mu'awiya and others. Yazeed ranks amongst the most debased dhaalims and fasiqs of all time".

Ibn Hajr al Makki like Abu Sulaiman and Azam Tariq was a major adherent of Mu'awiya, and in fact wrote a book in honour of Mu'awiya. Yet even he deemed Yazeed to be a fasiq. The Ulema of Ahl'ul Sunnah are united that Yazeed was a fasiq. Nasibis such as Abu Sulaiman and Azam Tariq of course beg to differ as they support anyone who hates Ahlulbayt, even if that person uses his penis to penetrate the anuses of young boys and dogs, and the vaginas of his sisters and mother. Nasibis portray the most debased sinners as saints. The Santa Claus fairytale is taken to new heights of lying with Yazeed. Yes, I said he had sex with his mother also, for we read in Tareekh al Islam:

"Dhahabi narrates that when Abdullah bin Kuzai returned from Damascus he stated that Yazeed performs zina with his mother, sister and daughters. We had better start a movement to oppose Yazeed otherwise stones may reign down on us"

This is one reason why Ibn Hajar al Makki (above) calls Yazeed one of the most debased men in history.

Adapted from the book: "Yazeed"

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