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Deobandi Ulema have deemed Yazeed to be a fasiq

Whilst Azam Tariq claims to reflect the views of the Deobandi Sect, it is worthy to note that the founder of Dar al Ulum Deoband, Muhammad Qasim Nanuthee stated in Qasim al Ulum:

"Yazeed was a fasiq, he was irregular in Salat, committed Bidah and was Chief of the Nasibi".

Ashraf 'Ali Thanvi in Fatawi stated:

"Yazeed was a fasiq, there are different levels of fisq".

Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi in Fatawa said:

"One should refrain from calling Yazeed a kaafir, but there is no objection to referring to him as a fasiq".

In Shaheed ai Kerbala aur Yazeed, Deobandi scholar Muhammad Tayyib stated:

"Yazeed was a fasiq and a fajir and there is absolute unanimity amongst the scholars on this point".

Maulana Muhammad Shaafi in 'Imam Pak aur Yazeed Paleeth' stated:

"Yazeed was not pious rather but was a fasiq, fajir, dhaalim and a drunkard".

Mulla 'Ali Qari in Sharh Shifa commenting on hadith that the Deen will be harmed by young men states:

"The destruction of the Deen at the hands of a young man refers to Yazeed bin Mu'awiya who sent Muslim bin Uqba to pillage Madina"

In 'Siraaj Muneera', Allamah 'Ali bin Ahmad also stated that the hadith refers to Yazeed. The same comment can also be located in Ashiaath al Lamaat by al Muhaddith Shah Abdul Haq Dehlavi.

In al Bidaya wa al Nihaya we read:

"The Deen will be damaged at the hands of a man from Banu Ummaya whose name shall be Yazeed"

The amount of condemnation that the Sunni Ulema have vented against Yazeed is astounding., The amount of material that we have presented should convince our readers that the appraisals that these Nasibi present are lies, and the Azam Tariq's and Abu Sulaiman's of this world would never be able to reply to these references.

Adapted from the book: "Yazeed"

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