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Husain takes charge of the Imamat

BEFORE BREATHING HIS last, Hasan handed the charge of the Imamat to his brother Husain. Husain was now the Third Imam, the Vicegerent of God on earth, in the place of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

The world was now without the Apostle of God. Fatema the Holy Lady of Light had been martyred. Ali and Hasan had also left the world. Husain V as left alone in an atmosphere totally hostile, for Ma'aviah had successfully purchased the public support to execute his plan of placing Yazid on the throne of the Kalifate, to perpetuate the rule of the Muslim Empire in his family and thus to start the Omayyid dynasty of the Kalifs. All possible efforts to bring the people and keep them under the complete control of the throne, were employed. Corruption and godlessness ruled the destiny of the people.

As Ali had done during the reigns of the first three Kalifs, and Hasan after Ma'aviah's usurping the paramount power, Husain also following the footsteps of his father and brother, had retired into seclusion in Madina. Husain's main concern was supplication to the Lord and acting as the heavenly torch of the Divine Light of guidance towards God and godliness.

Husain was now the godly commissioned guardian of the Holy Qur'an, its teachings and its correct practice. He was the Vicegerent of the Lord holding the Kingdom of God on earth. It is surely ridiculous even to imagine Husain's ever thinking of, or aspiring for, any temporal power or authority, when he already held the Imamat divinely assigned to the House of the Holy Prophet and as such was God's Deputy on earth. He had nothing to do with the politics of the state or the political affairs of the people.

Husain had already been informed of every detail of the divine assignment to him and he knew every step of the march of his life up to its end. The Holy Prophet had already informed Husain of all that was in store for him to meet, and when and where each event will take place. It was only with the knowledge of the lot to befall Husain, his father Ali had desired to have a son like Abbas. It was only in view of the great task of re-establishing Islam by Husain with the great sacrifice, i.e., the Vibhe Azeene, the Holy Prophet had said: 'Husain is of me and I am of Husain.' Now Husain was acting like Jesus, resigned to the will of the Lord and waiting for the hour to fulfil his covenant with the Lord to save His religion Islam and to secure His Final Word to man, the Holy Qur'an, for ever.

Husain passed a quiet life of supplication, discharging the duties of the Imam in the place of his Grandfather the Holy Prophet.

Adapted from the book: "Husain; The Saviour of Islam" by: "S.V. Mir Ahmed Ali"

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