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Happy Together

Happy Together

Look at the following points and give your relationship a score from one to ten for each of the six main happiness indicators.

1 Poor
5 Averages
10 Excellent

Happy Couples Are:
  • Good communicators
  • Have shared goals
  • Can agree on practical and domestic issues
  • Are sexually compatible
  • Know how to resolve conflict
  • Have me and us time
If you scored 6-19:
You don't need me to tell you that your relationship is dying on its feet. Spend some time thinking about why these indicators are not present in your relation. Which area needs the most attention? Where could you both do some work to start your love life and get it back into gear again? Make some effort to improve things or this relationship will fizzle away.

If you scored 20-29:
Still not impressive, but it could be worse! Your relationship is below average in the happiness stakes, and if it is to survive, you must do something quickly. Ask your partner what he thinks about the state of things between you. If he agrees that things could be better, you could begin a shared plan of action to improve things.

If you scored 30-42:
You are above average in the happiness stakes, which means you are doing some things right. Look at the indicators on which you scored high. What is the strength in your relationship? Now where do you score badly? Which issues need attention? Focus on improving the communication between you. Give your love life some thought and energy and you will reap great rewards. It's time to recharge your batteries and get those sparks again.

If you scored 43-60:
If you are at the lower end of this score, there is still some work to be done but you are well aware of this. Put into the relationship whatever you want out of it. Your partner is sensitive and aware and will respond to your overtures, so go to it! Congratulations you have a high score .you are both conscious of what it takes to keep the flame alive, and you are committed to the relationship and to each other.

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