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Good Dealings with the Women

Good dealing with the women especially the pregnant ones will made her leave a happy life, full of relief, tranquility, spiritual and psychological constancy of which there is no chance for anxiety and psychological unrest to penetrate in her spirit and mind.

Imam Zainul Aabideen (peace be upon him) said: "Your right of guardianship from what you have possessed through marriage is to know that Allah has made her your residence, place of rest, intimacy and defendant. Also it is for every one of the two spouses to thank Allah for his companionship and to know that it is a blessing from Allah and to make good friendship, respect and leniency with this blessing of Allah because she possesses the Right of intimacy and place of rest, in her your delectation" 82.

Good dealings are to have good conduct, leniency and let her hear good words from you. Honor her and kept her in a suitable place, considered her a partnership in life and satisfies all her spiritual and material needs. Treat her like human beings as honored by Islam and allow happiness, smiling, cordiality and blessing to prevail in the house. Try to create happiness in her mind and safe guide her secrecy and others that Islamic teaching which it has laid emphasis on.

Among it is to assist her in some difficult domestic duties, be patient of her mistakes and short-comings which did not affect her Islamic ways of life. Make reconciliation in solving the daily problems in such a way that it will not annoyed her and distance from any thing that will psychologically affect her like unnecessary jealousy, frown of face before her, beating her or abandoning her or reducing some of her Rights 83.

If you treat her very well, her spiritual and psychological condition will be good and it will reflect on the embryo.


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Adapted from the book: "The Child's Education in Islam" by: "Ismail Abdullah"

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