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Fatima’s (s.a.) Psychic Mind

Fatima (peace be upon her) had got psychic mind that have made everybody astonished, and we do not know it in anybody. Her character is harmonious and moderate, and her natural aspects are concordant and excellently sublime. She hears by all her nature and sees by all her nature. She tries to submit herself to Allah, and resist against all things that want to make her far from Allah. All her attention is directed to Him, and all her care and efforts are for His satisfaction. On the contrary, she does not care about other phenomena which are valueless and void.

Introducing and describing all her psychic mind in brief seems impossible. Therefore, whatever makes her as a sample includes:

1. The Elevation of Fatima’s Soul:

Fatima (peace be upon her) has got an elevated soul. Therefore, she is Ali’s confidant and consolleur.

Her elevation of soul is so that she abandoned herself to luxuries and allurements of the world, as if she was not an earthly being and related to this world. The gaudiness and allurements could not catch her eyes or make a tendency in her. Her soul was high-flying so that was not satisfied except joining to the Infinite, and seeking for His satisfaction. She was willing to join the Eternity and as a drop, join the Eternal Ocean.

This signifies her elevation of soul that she does not stop her efforts in front of all oppressions of the people, taking root from their ingratitude. She suffered from the transgressions and discrimination, but not to reserve her own right but to think of the people’s prosperity. Even she was not inclined to have any tomb, and because of having purpose, she asked Ali (peace be upon him) to be buried at night so that her grave not be known.

2. Fatima’s Loneliness:

The greatness of Fatima’s soul and its culmination caused her loneliness. This sense of loneliness was in each great character who has got high and great thoughts, and took Mohammed (peace be upon him and his descendants) to Hara Cave, Ali (peace be upon him) to the palm-grove, and Fatima (peace be upon her) to Beit ul-Ahzan (the house of cry). To be great is to be misunderstood.

Fatima (peace be upon her) was lonely, but not due to the fact that she was fleeing from the society and her social duties, but resorting to a private place, she wanted to be far from the social uproar and dive into the depth of her great soul, searching for the undiscovered aspects of her soul.

She was lonely from the beginning. She was born at the time when unbelief and idolatry had filled everywhere, and indecency was raging everywhere. She believed in monoism and seemed strange in her own area and time; thus, she did not find any confidant and was lonely in her own society. Even today, despite her grandeur, among women society, she is strange and lonely, as she was in her own time. Who is her own confidant and fellow, and who is her follower?

3. Fatima’s Stout Heart:

She is a woman full of affection and in search of the end that is Allah’s pleasure. She is resistant in the Divine way and energetic to achieve her end.

When Ohod battle was terminated, the people turned back to Medina. The Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) also turned back home but with an injured and bloody face. He gave his bloody sword to Fatima (peace be upon her) to wash, and afterward, Fatima (peace be upon her), personally, washed her father’s injured face. Ali (peace be upon him) poured water, and Fatima (peace be upon her) washed the blood from the Prophet’s face away.

This stout heart existed in Fatima (peace be upon her) since childhood. When her mother, Khadijeh, was laying dying, said to Fatima (peace be upon her), “My daughter! After me, you will face so many problems. Your sisters will live in their houses comfortably, but you?!”

Although being a child, Fatima (peace be upon her) answered encouragingly, “Mother, do not worry, and be sure that Fatima (peace be upon her) will do her utmost to surmount the problems.

4. The Speed of Fatima’s Understanding:

Fatima (peace be upon her) has got a supernatural talent as if she understands everything with a gesture. Her sensitivity and soul is so that she understands everything with a glance of her father. Once, her father went to see Fatima (peace be upon her) and saw her silver bracelet. He turned back without saying a word. Immediately, she gave it to Salman to take it to the mosque to be dedicated to the poor for Allah’s sake.

Later, the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) said to her ... that means her father be sacrificed for her. Another time, the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) observed a curtain at the door of her house and turned without greetings. Soon, she gave it to the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) to be the poor clothes.

This is the fast understanding, which makes the teacher’s duty easier and accelerates the development of learning. She comprehends the phrases by a word, and books by a sentence, and that is the teacher’s honor, i.e. the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) .

Adapted from the book: "Fatima (a.s) The Most Paramount Lady of Islam" by: "Dr. Ali Ghaemi"

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