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Fatima’s (s.a.) High Attributes

Fatima’s activities are of two aspects: this world and the next, and they have been mixed so that they seem to be inseparable and undistinguished. She thinks of this world so that nobody can help her except herself and thinks of Hereafter all the times.

In order to be successful in these activities, she needs to have the high attributes such as piety, faith, and courage which she has tried to make in her self, and the effects of these attributes are clearly seen in her deeds and her life, her character, in taking care of her children, in her connection to Allah, and even in her death.

To mention all her attributes in this breif seems impossible, therefore, we state some parts of that (in this brief):

1. Fatima’s Freedom:

Fatima (peace be upon her) is a woman, free from sin, from impurities, from material attachment, from superstitious ties and bonds.

She is infallible, fenced off from sin. No superficial customs can attract her towards itself, and no material beauty can tempt her; and at last, no superficial luck can catch her eyes.

She is free and noble, and this is under the protection of her piety, courage, and devotion. Because her soul is tied with Allah, who is Absolute and free from want, she is free from all ties and bonds.

2. Fatima’s Bravery:

She is brave and fearless and is afraid of nobody except Allah and just pays attention to Him. It was she who washed Ali’s bloody sword, when turning back from jihad.

She tolerated the times when Ali (peace be upon him) jeopardizing his life in the battlefield as well as the times when her father jeopardizing his life without grief. The fact that the enemy swarmed her house was because they were afraid of her bravery and courage, and they felt no peace. Nobody attacks a neutral and ignorant being. The attack recurs when it is felt that there exist an intrepid in the society, causing danger.

The enemy attacked her house to take Ali (peace be upon him) to the mosque to make him swear an oath of allegiance.

Despite the fact that Fatima (peace be upon her) on that day was severely injured, and her side was broken, she never stopped her efforts. She supported Ali (peace be upon him) at all times, and in that way, Fatima (peace be upon her) tolerated many pains. Bravery takes root from her stout heart, and that created motion and power in her. It was under the protection of her connection to Allah as well as faith and piety, that she was afraid of nothing and nobody.

But her bravery was mixed with affection and linked with kindness and mercy towards the servants of Allah. She made use of her bravery on the way of piety and made benefit from it on the direction of her aim.

3. Fatima’s Piety:

Fatima (peace be upon her) has got piety and moral chastity and tries to keep away not only from sin but even from sin misgivings. Even when a blind man came to see the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants), Fatima (peace be upon her) cared about her hijab.

Once, the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) knocked at the door to enter her house with his guest. Fatima (peace be upon her) answered, “I do not have hijab to cover my head; therefore, she covered herself with the corner of the bed sheet not to be exposed in view.”

She cares about all her behaviors and deeds, her food, her repose, her house chores, her speech, etc. She cares about her voice to be the symbol of Quran verse: “??? ????? ??????”, and her moving not to be exposed to the dangerous view of those who bear malice in their hearts. While caring about her piety and moral chastity, she is thinking of social responsibility, and this fact does not prevent her from social duties. As a result, considering the Islamic measures, she achieves her duties, too.

4. Fatima’s Patience and Resistance:

She is tolerant and patient and does not give up or withdraw in front of the destructive flood.

She protects herself in front of the social pressures and corruption and does not yield. She is the champion of patience and has passed all her exams with flying colors on this way. We read in her supplication:

Allah has set the seal of approval on her life report.

She is resistant in front of the brutality of life, poverty, disappointment, and wants and patient in front of the pains, caused by the negligence of Omma. The difficulties cannot make her yield and the enemies’ strokes cannot disappoint her.

She was tortured by the Ghoraish polytheists for years, but never complained or got restless. She also tolerated the hardships and shortsidedness, caused by the enemy and even the reprimands of the aristocratic women, both in her father’s house and in her husband’s for years.

5. Fatima’s Forbearance and Self-Possession:

She was forbearing and meek. She was forbearing in front of the disorders and crises when she did not have sufficient power to overcome them. Perhaps, there was a lot of efforts to make her furious, but her forbearance and self-possession thwarted the plot of the enemy.

When the matter of Fadak usurpation was posed, and the historic efforts and struggles of Fatima (peace be upon her) for administering justice was of no avail, she remained silent not to cause any disunity in the Muslim community.

The enemy had raised a pretext in order to damage the honor of the Prophet’s ancestors, and Ali (peace be upon him) gave her notice about that. Fatima (peace be upon her) remained silent and said, “I will forebear” and made herself tranquil by saying “ ???? ????”, Allah is enough for me.

She was forbearing and meek, and by means of that not only did not evade her social missions, but also tried to fulfill all of them as best as possible.

6. Fatima’s Politeness:

She is a sample in all aspects of her life, including morals and politeness. She is a daughter so polite that calls her father ???? ???? the Messenger of Allah, according to the verdict of holy Quran, and the housemaid as “my lady”.

In all the period of her sharing life with Ali (peace be upon him), she never teased him and even never made a request of him, lest Ali (peace be upon him) could not afford it and be shameful.

She was a mother so polite that never used a quarrelsome word against the legal parlance to her children, and at last, what a praiseworthy social character she had got that although her right was usurped, and she was aware of the treason of the rulers of her own age, she did not express even a sentence insolently against them.

Her tongue as well as her deed was pure. Both her words and deeds were authentic for people. Besides, she knew all the members of her body in Allah’s property.

Adapted from the book: "Fatima (a.s) The Most Paramount Lady of Islam" by: "Dr. Ali Ghaemi"

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