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Fatima's (s.a.) Learning

Fatima (peace be upon her) is a bright student in the school of Islam. She takes lesson from her father as the best teacher: the lesson of humanity, morality, devotion, generosity, purity, benevolence, restraining her anger, serving people, etc. And her father, who found her ready tried to construct her character. He would try to teach her as much as possible, each of them separately is the lesson of life for her and the women community.

He taught her some practical lessons, concentrating her thought towards new facts. The day when Fatima (peace be upon her) asked for a servant to help her in the house chores, how the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) directed her thought towards another direction, and how he taught her the praise (Tasbihat) after the prayer. She would take lessons from the father and her husband. Even she had some writings from what she had learnt, as she said once to Fizzah she compared those writings with the value of Hassanain. It means that as a mother, a wife, as well as an infallible, she was her father’s student and deserved value for her father’s teachings.

Fatima’s Faith and Worship:

According to the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants), belief to Allah was so penetrated in her nature and heart that she neglected all things at the time worshipping Allah. And under the protection of Allah’s recognition, she believed in Him and was proud of having relationship with Him.

The love towards Allah has so penetrated in her soul that she did not have any repose. In all times and situations, her deeds showed clearly her servitude to Allah through her treatment, praise to Allah, and way of life. Her ultimate attraction is towards the Divinity.

She worships Allah but not as to go to a corner, fleeing from the society and the people, and it does not mean that she stops her duties and social mission, but she resists against her ego, and, as a result, finds a new character.

Fatima’s motto is

Can I choose another Lord except Allah, who is the creator of the skies and the earth? No, it seems impossible.

But Allah is her guardian, and that is He, who guardians the pious and competent people. When an opportunity raised, she started to praise and worship Allah. And that is a cause not only for her development and perfection, but also for helping the people to be kept in safety and purity.

Imam Hassan (a.s) remembers his childhood and says,” I saw my mother worshiping and praying every night and always praying for people.” I asked her, “Mother, why you do not first pray for us as your children?” she answered, “My son, first neighbors, then house”. ????? ?? ?????

All her deeds were in the direction of the Divine will, and all her deeds were considered as worship: her work, life, housekeeping, taking care of children, helping the poor, etc. are all in Allah’s way and for Allah’s pleasure.

Fatima’s Purposefulness:

Fatima (peace be upon her) is a noble woman with purpose, and due to this fact she did not take any color and did not come to agreement with injustice. Although she was young, and like other youth in youth crisis, had got some ambitions, she never stopped her purpose and did not commit any offence.

She tolerated the hardships to obtain her purpose even under the severe torture of the enemy. In general, her marriage to Ali (peace be upon him) signified her purpose, because she knew that Ali (peace be upon him) was not a kind of man who tried to make her happy as the society expected. She married the one, who was always in the battlefield to achieve his mission.

Under the protection of her purpose, she was not willing to be captured by hypocrisy and deceits, lose her sobriety and vigilance; and because of her purpose, she was far from the adversity and did not heed the world allurement. She was unique in her purpose, and we do not know anybody like her in different periods of history.

Adapted from the book: "Fatima (a.s) The Most Paramount Lady of Islam" by: "Dr. Ali Ghaemi"

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