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Fatima (s.a.) in Relationship with Ali (a.s.)

She is the wife of the greatest man in the history, and has got a great spiritual power to support him; to be his confidant, his consolleur, and the supporter of his esteem, dignity, and position. When Ali (peace be upon him) was going to jihad, it was she who brought his body armor, and after it, she washed the blood away from his sword.

When Ali (peace be upon him) lost patience by the harassment and tortures of some ignorant people, she tried to soothe him and when Imam raised an objection against the Caliphs to prove his truthfulness and supremacy over them, it was Fatima (peace be upon her), who went to the houses of the Prophet’s disciples, administered for justice, and bore witness to Ali’s truthfulness.

She was Ali’s confidant in all affairs and at all times; in happiness, in sorrow, in anxiety, in poverty, in suffering. She never groaned, expressed weakness or gave up.

She did her utmost to make the minds concentrate on the facts and the incidents in which a certain and eternal right was disregarded by the Islamic Omma. She then collected the Mohajerin (the Emigrants) and Ansar (the Helpers) women and started to support Ali’s rightfulness in this way:

“I do not know which one of Ali’s attributes was indecent that they left him alone. I swear to Allah, it was caused by Ali’s sharp sword, firm steps, and his strict treatment in executing justice. But by Allah, they sustained losses. If Ali achieved Caliphate, the people would not get any pains or oppressions. He would make them enter the world of justice and knowledge and glut them completely”.

In this regard, Fatima’s relationship with Ali (peace be upon him) is not limited to conjugal relationship, but wider, deeper, and further than what other people possess in the society. It is a relationship, cordial in defending the human rank and honor of her husband, causing the defense of the benefits of human society.Fatima’s Private Life:

Fatima (peace be upon her) should not be taken as a simple-minded woman, being limited, and she could not be forced to lead a special kind of life; it must be stated that she is the daughter of Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) and one the noblest (people). Besides, her private life based on simplicity, purity, sincerity, affection, motivation, activity, and revolution is sample. Some aspects of her life are described as follows:

1. Life Simplicity and Purity:

Her life was simple and delightful. this sense of delight was because of her life simplicity and purity.

She had no similarity with women, seeking for luxury and allurements. She took inspiration from Islamic School, propagating simplicity and purity. She just tried to satisfy her natural wants and it should be programmed well enough, but not to confine herself to materialism and the world beauty. She was similar to the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) in deeds and manners, who always said:“?????????” to absolutely be free of wants. Wealth and property were not regarded as an end not to be the means, stealing her heart and faith and capturing her character and sublimity.

This ordinary way of life was not because of poverty, but her inner riches. Because there was no difference in her way of life when she had Fadak and when it was usurped. The Fadak income was great, but there was no change in her way of life and behavior and did not lose the simplicity and purity of her life.

2. Her House:

She had got a house, small and made of clay, simple and without decoration, and it was just worthy to be a shade for protecting her from the sun rays and a roof for protecting her from the rain. Although Ali (peace be upon him) was poor, he did not change his small house when he got Fadak. Allah’s name was always alive in their house, and their hearts were heated by His memory. There existed a dynamic education in it. The persons educated there, were dynamic, revolutionary, and the real fond of the peoples’ rights and Islam.

There existed indigence in this house, but it was enriched by affection and Allah’s blessings. The light and heat of faith had made up for its coldness. The family relationships were strong in it, and all its members were living there based on a firm principle.

3. Her Ornaments:

The house was void of any kind of ornaments, having the tinge of luxury. All things there, were limited to some mattresses, pillows, plates, and mat.

Ali and Fatima (peace be upon them) had got a bed sheet so short that their feet were out from that when they covered their heads.

In this house, there existed no additional, luxurious or expensive ornaments. On the contrary, it was a house, replete of emotion and faith, love and purity, liberty and honor, responsibility and justice.

4. Her Trousseaus:

Although Fatima (peace be upon her) was a high rank woman in Islam, her marriage portion was according to the common custom (about 500 Dirham), and her trousseaus was few. When she decided to marry Ali (peace be upon him), all the trousseaus, provided for this glorious marriage ceremony, consisted of: a canvas shirt, a wool scarf, a veil, a bed, two mattresses, one made of linen and the other of date-palm fiber, four pillows of ewe skin, a curtain of camel wool, a mat of desert leaves, a metal bowl, a leathern bottle, a wooden bowl, a leathern vessel, two pitchers, a mud-plate, and two silver bracelets.

When observing Fatima’s simple trousseaus, the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) got delighted and said, “O, Allah, make the life auspicious to those who have this status and earthen dishes.”

All Fatima’s house furniture were limited to whatever was stated. During her lifetime, she not only did not add anything more to her furniture, but also dedicated some part of it for Allah’s pleasure, such as the silver bracelets, the door curtain, etc. And even sOmmetimes, she sold sOmme of her furniture to buy sOmme wheat, make it floor, knead it, make some bread, and dedicate it to the poor for Allah’s pleasure.

Adapted from the book: "Fatima (a.s) The Most Paramount Lady of Islam" by: "Dr. Ali Ghaemi"

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