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Family and Education

Family. is one of the principal elements of constructing educational entities, creating processes of the social naturalization, forming the personalities, and providing the children with the habits that persist forever. In other words, family is the preliminary seed of composing the individual maturity and the structure of personalities. In most cases, children pursue their parents in habits and behaviors. Family then is the most evident, accurate, and abundant of the other educational elements.

The Significance of Families

Undoubtedly, family has the great effect in the construction of the individual behaviors and the arousing of vitality and tranquillity in children’s minds. Through families, children acquire their language, values and trends. Families contributed directly in the construction of mankind civilization and the associative relations of people. It led man to learn the principals of sociology and the rules of ethics and moralities. It is also the reason beyond the maintenance of many professions and career that fathers transfer to sons. It is strange to notice that Plato’s Republic that glorified the roles of the governments denied the roles of families. This denial led to the belief that families stood as obstacles in the face of the allegiance and loyalty to the government. For Plato, home, which enjoys a great value, is no more than a curse and an evil. Plato shouted out “Destroy those walls that contain nothing but a limited feeling of the domestic life.” On the other side, one of our proverbs is that “A man’s house is his secure fortress.”.

Adapted from the book: "The Educational System in Islam" by: "Baqir Sharif Al-Qireshi"

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