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Divorce is Despised

Divorce is not good. It is despised by God, the Prophet, and the Imams unless it is for a religiously acceptable reason. Divorcing based on the man or the woman's lust is immoral, inhumane, irreligious, and disrespectful to the other party. Here I shall discuss the most important tradition on divorce first, and then discuss the relevant Quranic verses and the conditions for divorce. In his book "Sharh i-Mathnavi, the great scholar Hajji Sabzevari has narrated the Immaculate Imams as saying the following: Nothing is more loved by God than freeing slaves, and nothing is more despised by God then separation and divorce. [Sharh-i-Mathnavi, p.142]. The Prophet (Pbuh) said:

From among what is allowed by God, nothing is worse than divorce. [Vasa'il, v.15, p.280]

The Prophet (Pbuh) said:

God does not like men and women who treat their spouses as toys and want to divorce. [Mizan al-Hikmat, v.5, p.546]

Imam Baqir said:

Indeed God, the Almighty is angry with at whoever repeatedly divorces. [Vasa'il, Al-i-Bayt Press, v.22, p.8]

Imam Sadiq said:

God likes a house in which there is a marriage, and despises one in which there is a divorce. [Vasa'il, v.22, p.7]

The Prophet (Pbuh) asked someone what he had done to his wife. He said he divorced her. Then the Prophet asked him why? He asked if there were any flaws in her, or if she was ugly? The man answered yes. The man married again. The same sequence repeated over and over. Then the Prophet (Pbuh) said: God, the Almighty hates or damns any man, or woman, who repeatedly marries and gets divorced. [Vasa'il, v.22, p.7]

Adopted from the book: "The Islamic Family Structure" by: "Husayn Ansarian"

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