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Choice of the Spouse

Islam considers marriage to be a sacred and religious matter and, therefore, considers purity of faith to be a prerequisite for a spouse.


The Holy prophet (S.A.W) has said:


“One who selects a woman for her beauty only does not find in her what he desires. And Allah leaves him to himself (i.e. ignores) a person who marries a woman for her wealth.”


It is, therefore, necessary that you should select a faithful and religious-minded spouse.



Imam Ali (A.S) said:


“Avoid matrimonial alliance with foolish and ignorant women, because association with them is a calamity and the child to whom they give birth would be good for nothing and worthless”.



Notwithstanding what has been mentioned above, Islam has left the selection of a spouse to the will of a husband and considers the interference and imposition by the parents to be inopportune.

Adapted from: "Family Life" by: "Aisha Mutuku"

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