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Be Faithful

Adopted from the book : "Principles of Marriage" by : "Sheikh Ibrahim Amini"

Upon a marital covenant, the individual lives of two persons converge into a single social joint life. The holy covenant of marriage means that a man and a woman promise each other to be together for the rest of their lives, to help each other, to be kind and understanding at all times, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, happiness and sorrow, etc. Humanity demands that one should remain faithful to one's promises. A married couple should not forget their treaty at difficult times.

A young girl who chooses one man to live with her for the rest of her life, expects him not to leave her at an age when she is no longer a young woman any more. It is not fair that a man should seek pleasure with anyone other than his wife.

A woman who contributes a great deal in building a strong family with good economical prospects, does not expect her husband to go after another woman.

A woman who works hard at home, naturally hopes that her husband would not deprive her of his love and affection at times of sickness and inability to work. The least she expects of him is not to go after his pleasure alone.

Some men are truly emotionless. When their wives are young and good-looking they enjoy their company, but leave them when they lose their good look. A man divorced his wife on the basis of her being bad-omen, because since their marriage his father had died and his uncle had become bankrupt." 241 "A man who had married a young woman out of love, divorced her later on the grounds that he did not love her ." 242 "A woman Mrs... complained to the court: 'For years I have lived with my husband, but now that I have become ill, he says that he does not want a sick wife'." 243

Dear sir! you are not an animal whose life is all about eating and lust. You are a human being with emotion, conscience and sacrificial characteristics. Is it really fair that you pursue your enjoyment away from your wife? If yes, then you are an oppressor and as such you would be punished in this very world. If you spend your time with another woman, then for the sake of a few minutes of enjoyment, you may indeed lose your peace of mind and would be affected by nervousness. Besides you would be disgraced before people. Your children would not accept you either and would react by being malicious to you.

If your wife ever becomes ill, take the necessary steps to cure her, and if she has an incurable illness, then stay with her, sacrifice yourself and do not remarry while she is still alive.

Do not disappoint her during the difficult times. What would you expect if you were in her situation? It is only fair that she would expect the same from you. Is it right that your wife, when you are ill, should seek a divorce? Would she not be disgraced in the eyes of your friends and relatives? So if you agree that faithfulness and sincerity are good, then try to be faithful.

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