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Agreement on Joint Method

The adopted method in life that is effective in ones conduct is the one that makes ones faith and internal feelings towards true behavior and change this movement to firmly established custom. Ones habit remains interacting with designated teachings and programs. Unity of method is the criterion and Measures use to elevate ones conduct in terms of far and near teachings and subjected programs.

It is then on the parent to conjoint on a collective method that will identify to both of them, the relations, role and the obligations in different angles.

The Islamic method with its stable laws is the best method necessarily to be adopted by Muslim families because it is a divine method stipulated by Allah the most High and the absolute Master on entire life and acquainted with all issues and complicatedness in life.

It is a method that is suitable with human nature, no any obscure nor ambiguity in it because there is no responsibility with in-ability. This is a point of acceptance by a Muslim and a Muslim family that all instructions and laws of conduct derived it's strengthen and efficient from Allah the most High. This peculiarity makes the family to have the certainty and affirmation right inside him by following this method. Then there is no chance to argue it's genuine or ineffectiveness.

It is enough to accomplish the felicity in the family that collaborates to give right and fair training to the child. If any disorder or lapses in relationship occurred when observes some of the roles, verily the Islamic method of teaching is there to intervene to put an end to it. The Islamic method has given general laws in dealings, relations, roles and in conduct but branches of the laws or the details of the general laws and its substantial are differs base on the changes of place and time.

It is then incumbent on the parents to concord on the details of the implementations, on laws and criterions that are firmly accepted by both of them, there is no difference in the relation between both of them or the relation between them and the children and that of the method of training that is necessary to apply with them, because difference in ways and methods of dealing with the child will lead to understandable measures and laws of conduct with the child.

The child will then try to be contended with the father one way and the mother the other way, all this leads to the child's psychological, sentimental and behavioral disorder. The children which were brought up from a home that the parents are not conjoined in training him are always in dilemma than those brought up from a conjoined trained home. 1


1 - Ilmi Nnafs Attarbawi: 111 - by Dr. Fakhir Aqil - printed by Darul Ilmi malayeen 11th edition.

Adapted from the book: "The Child's Education in Islam" by: "Ismail Abdullah"

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