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Abid Allah al- Najashy

Abu Buhayr Abid Allah al- Najashy al- Asady was a Zaydi, then he believed in the Imamate of al- Sadiq, peace be on him, when he saw him doing a miraculous act. Al- Mansur appointed him as a governor over al- Ahwaz. He wrote a letter to al- Sadiq, peace be on him, to ask him about the method of act and other affairs concerning his state. So, al- Sadiq wrote him a long letter known as the Letter of Abid Allah al- Najashy.

We have mentioned valuable paragraphs of this letter with in the Commandments of al- Sadiq in this book. His behavior was laudable. The Imam was pleased with him. The great figures had great confidence in him. So, in his book al- Tahdhib, chapter on al- Makasib, the Shakh of the sect (i.e. al- Tusy) may his grave be fragrant, regarded him among the devoutees though he was the governor of al- Mansur over al- Ahwaz.

Adapted from: "Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.)"

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