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Abid Allah al- Kahili

Abid Allah b. Yahya al- Kahili reported traditions on the authority of al-Sadiq and al- Kazim, peace be on them. Abu al- Hasan took care of him and loved him. So, he said to 'Ali b. Yaqtin: "Guarantee al- Kahili for me and I will guarantee Paradise for you." So, 'Ali guaranteed what the Imam wanted. 'Ali's favor included al- Kahili and his relatives. He spent money on them. For this reason they (the relatives of al- Kahili) were in no need of him after his death.

Abu al- Hasan, peace be on him, gave him glad news about his good consequence. One day, Abu al- Hasan said to him: "Do good through your Law because your death has approached." So, al- Kahili wept." Abu al- Hasan said to him: "What has made you weep?" Al- Kahili said to him: "May I be your ransom, I wept over myself!" Abu al- Hasan said to him: "Be glad, for you are among our followers (Shi'a) and your consequence will be good." It did not take long before al- Kahili died. From this tradition and the like you know the high position of al- Kahili with the Imams. He had a book (a group of tradition). The reliable narrators and some people of the consensus reported the book from him.

Adapted from: "Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.)"

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