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Safwan al- Jammal

Safwan b. Mahran al- Jammal al- Asadi al- Kahili, al- Cufi reported traditions on the authority of al- Sadiq and al- Kazim, peace be on them. He was a cameleer (Jammal), so this surname accompanied him. He cleaved to ahl al Bayt, peace be on them. He conformed to their orders. And he went on serving them. We have already mentioned that in the topic 'al- Sadiq in Iraq'. Besides, he sold his camels when al- Kazim, peace be on him, ordered him to. So, al- Rashid blamed him for that act and said: "Surely, I know (the person) who ordered you to do that (i.e. to sell your camels). Musa b. Ja'far ordered you. By Allah, were it not for your good friendship, I would kill you."

This act is enough to show that Safwan was ready to subject himself to destruction for his Imam's orders. He was among the great reliable narrators and figures. He reported many traditions. The reliable figures reported the traditions on his authority. He had a book (i.e. a group of traditions). The men of trust and consensus have reported the book.

Adapted from: "Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.)"

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