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A Woman's Rights over Her Husband

Adapted from: ""Marriage, A Gift for the Youth" by: "Sajid Ali"

The principle duty of a man is to provide food, clothing, shelter and all other basic needs of his wife according to his ability and capacity. All this should be done with love and kindness by which their relationship will glow and become stronger. He should always support his wife with courage and bravery so that she may feel a sense of security. Also he must guard her chastity and modesty, while overlooking her minor faults and errors which are inevitable.

As Mullah Mohsin Faiz Kashani in his book “Al-Waafi” in the chapter of “A Woman's right over her husband” writes that it is narrated from the Holy Prophet (S) that some people enquired from him regarding the rights of a wife over her husband. He (S) answered, “He should overlook her minor faults and if she commits a major mistake then he should forgive her.”

We all know that human life is not confined to food and drinks. Rather love, affection and sacrifice are the emotions which take humanity to great heights and form the core of its civilisation and culture. A woman who is emotions personified along with her other necessities expects to see the smiling face of her husband when he returns to his house. This is one of her basic rights which has not been overlooked due to its importance by the religion of Islam and therefore it is enumerated as one her rights over her husband.

Shahab Abdo Rabbeh relates that I asked Imam as-Sadiq (as) concerning the rights of a woman over her husband. He (as) answered, “He should fulfil all her basic necessities and must not terrrorise her by becoming angry time and again. If he does this i.e. after fulfilling her needs, is kind and affectionate towards her, then I swear by God, he has fulfilled his wife's rights. (Kafi).

Among the other rights which a women enjoys over her husband is that he should sleep with her. This matter has been dealt in detail in the books of jurisprudence. Those who are interested can refer to Al-Kafi, Wasailush Shia, Mustadrak and other similar books.

The importance of these rights can be gauged from the basic expectation of the fairer sex that her husband treat her kindly and respectfully. He must give due importance to her rights and observe them. The Holy Prophet (S) himself has endorsed this view by saying, “The best among you is the one who observes the rights of his wife in the best possible way and I am the best among you to observe the rights of my wives.” (Mun la Yahzorohul Faqeeh).


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