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“The signs of believers are five; praying the fifty one, arba'een pilgrimage, wearing a ring on the right hand, dusting his forehead, reciting “Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem” aloud.”(1) Imam Al-Askari (as)

Following Islam and Ahl Al-Bayt (a.s) does not only affect your mentality and spirit, but also affects the way you live, such as what you wear and what you eat. Some of these orders are obligational, others are recommendatory. One of the highly recommended orders in terms of appearance is wearing rings. Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s) stated “It is a tradition (of the prophet) to wear a ring.”(2) , and in this saying it is stating that it is a sign and appearance of a believer.
It also has to be acknowledged that there are manners on how to wear a ring and what the ring should be. It should be worn on the right hand, as the prophet used to wear his ring on his right hand(3) and he (pbuh) told Imam Ali (a.s) “Wear your ring on your right hand and you will be considered from those near Allah (swt)…”(4).The saying above is also conditioning the ring to be a sign of the believer if it was on the right hand and that is something clearly available in the saying of Imam Al-Sadiq where he states “…as it (wearing the ring on the right hand) is the clearest evidence that you are our (Ahl Al-Bayt) followers”(5). It should also be to the end on the finger not in the middle or tip. Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s) stated “…place your ring at the end of your fingers.”(6). The ring should also be made out of silver, Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s) stated “The Prophet’s ring was made out of silver.”(7) , and Imam Ali (a.s) said “Do not wear any ring unless it is made of silver…”(8). Other manners include wearing the ring on the pinky and ring finger and not wearing it on the thumb, middle and index fingers(9). 
The ring could also have a gem and some of the recommended gems include agate with dozens of sayings recommending it and stating its qualities such as the saying of the prophet (pbuh) “Wear rings with agate as it is a blessed (holy) ring…”(10) and the saying of his grandson Imam al-Reza (a.s) “Wearing agate banishes poverty, and wearing it banishes hypocrisy.”(11), and turquoise as it also has many saying that endorse wearing it such as the saying of  Imam Al-Sadiq (a.s) “the hand that has turquoise will not need(12).”(13) and the saying of the Prophet (pbuh) about Allah (swt) stating “Verily I am embarrassed to disappoint and turndown a servant’s hand when they raise it(14) and it has a turquoise on it.”(15)
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