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4 Ways You Have Never Thought Could Save Your Marriage

By felicia filmore

Marriage is a large milestone in someone's life. That's why it can be heartbreaking when you realize that your marriage is falling apart. Have you ever wondered why some people have successful relationships while others don't? What do these successful couples have in common? You may be surprised that the one thing they do have in common is something anybody can have. If you want to transform your marriage into a satisfying and loving relationship, please read on.

Do you envy other couple's marital bliss, especially once you've learned that they've been together for as long as you and your spouse? What do these couples have that you don't have?

The Importance of Focus

You may not realize that what you focus on is essential to having a happy and satisfying life. Your thoughts create your emotions and your emotions create strategies on how to act and behave. What you choose to focus on will change your perception about life. Instead of focusing on what you don't want to happen in your marriage, try focusing on what you do want instead. Start off by creating a gratitude journal and write down everything positive about your spouse and your relationship every day. Successful couple's chronically focus on the good in their lives and relationship instead of the bad.

See It From Your Spouse's Point of View

Most times when couples argue a lot, it's because their trying to prove to their spouse that their point of view is right and their spouse's is wrong. When you feel an argument brewing, take the time to see it from your spouse's point of view. Even if you don't agree with what they are saying, take a moment and try to see the situation in their shoes. This way, you will have a better understanding of where they're coming from, allowing both of you to find a better solution to the problem.

Accept and Appreciate Your Spouse

Another thing that many marriages suffer is that they are not in acceptance and appreciating of their spouse. When I say appreciating, I'm mean not thanking them for the things they've done (which would also help benefit you). When you appreciate someone, you are not putting certain expectations on them but appreciating them for who they are. Many times when we are not accepting our spouse, we set our selves up for disappointments. Your spouse is someone with their own dreams, feelings, fears and shortcomings. Remember, he or she is their own person as well. Sometimes, we forget to share humanity with the person we're with.

Do Not Resist

When things happen to us, it's easy for us to resist it. When we are resisting something, we usually add unnecessary pain. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't feel the emotions you're feelings, but just let everything that happens..be okay. Do not fight it. Couples who often argue, they have a hard time allowing whatever happened be okay. This doesn't mean you shouldn't deny your feelings but try to be more of a "yes" to the situation instead of a "no." You'll soon realize that resisting a situation takes a lot more of your energy.

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