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Serving Your Family

Serving Your Family

Cultivate Unselfishness in your Marriage: Put the needs of your spouse ahead of your wants.
Be willing to sacrifice.
Examine your lifestyle.

Do you spend more time on your own hobbies and leisure activities than you do with your spouse?

Give your Children your Time: Now, more than ever, children need a strong bond with their parents. Time spent together is what builds that kind of bond. Log your activities for a week. How much time are you really spending with your kids?

Cultivate a Spirit of Service: Point out ways that your children can serve. It might be something as simple as helping a sibling clean their room or offering to read a book to a younger brother or sister. Remind children we can also serve with our words as well as our actions.

Reward Acts of Service: When your children exhibit traits of service or selflessness, praise them for their sacrifice. Encourage them to show service beyond the home by helping neighbors, classmates and friends.

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