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Young Age of 9th Imam, Imam Taqi (a.s.)

Our 9th Imam, Imam Taqi (as) had an uncle called Ali Ibne Jaffar, who was a very knowledgeable, pious old man. Whenever he went to the mosque, people would surround him and ask him questions.

One day Imam Taqi (as) arrived at the mosque. When his uncle who was sitting in the middle of a large group of people saw him, he immediately got up and kissed the hand of Imam Taqi (as).

Imam Taqi (as) asked his uncle to sit down, to whom his uncle replied that he could not sit while Imam Taqi (as) was standing. When Ali Ibne Jaffar returned among his friends, after Imam Taqi (as) had left, his friends told him that it was wrong for him to show so much respect to that child Imam Taqi (as) as he was an old man and the uncle of the child.

Ali Ibne Jaffar replied that he was showing respect to the child because of who he was. He continued that Imamate is an office and a station from Allah, and Allah did not deem him an old man fit and capable for the leadership of the Ummah, but considered the child capable for it. Therefore they should all obey his (Imam Taqi (as)) commands.

Moral: The age of a person is not important but what kind of person they are. Only Allah knows everything about everyone and therefore only Allah is allowed to judge people, and say what they do and do not deserve.

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