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The Moral Features of Imam Al-Javad (as)

Imam (A.S.) was a child when his father passed away but he never happened to commit the child like acts and even one day one of his friends purchased the game items in the age (period) of his father and took it to his house.

Imam (A.S.) was extremely annoyed with him and said, "What do I have to do with these? We are a family of Knowledge and Virtue."

One year after the martyrdom of Imam Reza (A.S.) Mamoon was proceeding for hunting along with a group of men. Some children were playing in the street. A child was standing on one side of the street and watching them play. All of the children ran away as they saw Mamoon and his army men. But the eleven-year-old child who was watching kept on standing and did not move from his place. Mamoon came near him and asked, "Oh son why did you not run away as the others did?"

He replied, "The way was not narrow so that I could be hurdle for your crossing it. I have not committed any thing wrong so that I might be afraid. I do not think you annoy anyone without reason. Therefore, my running away would be reasonless". Mamoon was surprised and amazed at the boldness, dauntlessness and training of that child and asked, "What is your name?"

He replied "Mohammad."

He asked whose son are you?

He said, "Son of Ali."

Mamoon said, "Are you not the son of Reza (A.S.)?"

He replied, "Yes."

Mamoon praised and applauded him and move on along with his companions.

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