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Will my child have their hearing checked again when they are older?

After your child has their hearing checked at four or five they will NOT have their hearing checked again at school, so if you are concerned about your child's hearing, it's important that you visit your family doctor. Your doctor may refer your child to the hospital for an assessment by a hearing specialist (audiologist).

What vision checks are needed for young children?

Your child will be screened for lazy-eye (amblyopia) as part of the B4 School Check. This is usually done by vision and hearing technicians.

Children who have their vision screened as part of the B4 School Check either ‘pass' the screen or are ‘referred' for a full assessment.

The results of this screening will be sent to you in the mail or will come home with your child. The results will explain how you can have your child further assessed if needed.

What if my child doesn't have their vision screened at four?

If your child doesn't have their vision screened for lazy-eye (amblyopia) at four, it's important they have this screening done in their first year at school.

If your child missed their screening, contact your child's school to make sure the vision hearing technician screens your child on their next visit.

This screening does NOT detect all vision problems.

What if I have questions about my child's vision screening?

If you have questions about your child's vision screening, call the Ministry of Health's free 24-hour health advice service, Healthline (0800 611 116) or talk to the vision hearing technician who screened your child, an optometrist, ophthalmologist or your family doctor.

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