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Hearing and vision checks for pre-school children

Key points to remember

- your child's hearing and vision will be discussed with you at various Well Child checks before your child turns four years of age

- the eighth and final Well Child check is called the B4 School Check and happens when your child is four years of age

- if you have concerns about your child's vision or hearing at any time, take your child for an assessment

- if your child does have a hearing or vision problem, finding it early is good for their learning and development

What hearing checks are needed for young children?

Your child's hearing is screened as part of the B4 School Check. This is usually done by vision and hearing technicians.

The results of this screening will be sent to you in the mail or will come home with your child. The information you receive explains the results of the screening and how you can have your child further assessed if needed.

If your child doesn't have their hearing screened at four, it's important they have this screening done in their first year at school. This screening picks up most hearing problems.

If your child missed their screening, contact your child's school to make sure the vision hearing technician screens your child on their next visit.

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