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Hearing and vision checks for school-age children

Key points to remember

screening for some vision problems for your child should occur at around 11 or 12 years of age
if you have concerns about your child's vision or hearing at any time, take your child for an assessment (see What are the signs of a hearing problem? and What are the signs of a vision problem?)
if your child does have a hearing or vision problem, finding it as early as possible is good for their learning and development

What about hearing checks for older children?

The last hearing check your child received was at four or five years of age. Your child will NOT have their hearing checked at school so if you are concerned about your child's hearing, it's important that you visit your family doctor. Your doctor may refer your child to the hospital for an assessment by a hearing specialist (audiologist).

What vision checks are needed for older children?

All children should have their distance vision screened when they reach year seven (when they are around 11 or 12 years of age). At the same time, boys should have their colour vision checked. This is because rates of colour vision problems are far greater among boys.

This screening will be carried out at your child's school by vision hearing technicians.

The results of this screening will be sent to you in the mail or will come home with your child.

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