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Wahab ibn Abdullah al-Kalbi

Wahab ibn Abdullah Al-Kalbi had just got married and was returning to his hometown with his mother and the newly-wed bride Haniyya. Passing through Karbala, they found a camp pitched on one side and a large army poised against the few in those tents. On enquiries Wahab came to know that Imam Husayn (pbuh), son of Ali and grandson of the Prophet, had been surrounded on all sides by Yazid's hordes who were insisting on Imam Husayn (pbuh) either to accept Yazid's spiritual leadership or to die at their hands. Wahab carried the news to his wife and mother.

When she was informed by Wahab that Imam Husayn (pbuh), with a few faithful followers, was facing overwhelming odds, she asked her son to hurry to his aid. All three of them came over to Imam Husayn (pbuh) and the mother beseeched Imam Husayn (pbuh) to let Wahab join him.

When Imam Husayn (pbuh) learnt that Wahab had got married only a couple of days before, he insisted that he must leave him and seek safety with his wife and mother. That brave son of a brave mother would not, however, agree to this. "O Imam," he said with his head bowed, "how is it possible for me to leave you and your dear ones in this condition? If I leave you and go away, my conscience would ever sting me for failing to do my duty." He was able to convince Imam Husayn (pbuh) that he had made up his mind and nothing could make him change his decision.

He fought bravely on the day of ‘Ashura with his mother encouraging him from the camps and was martyred. His wife went to his side wiping off the blood from his face. Shimr saw her and ordered his slave to kill her. Haniyya is the only woman martyr of Karbala.

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