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'Aabis and Shawzab

There were two friends in Karbala on the day of ‘Ashura. One was Aabis who was a renowned narrator of ahadith, a brave leader and fiery orator.

The other was Shawzab, a memoriser of ahadith who held classes attended by many to learn the ahadith of ahlulbayt.

Aabis addressed Shawzab and asked: “What do you have in mind today?” Shawzab replied: “What else but that I would accompany you in martyrdom at the feet of the grandson of the Prophet (pbuh)” - Aabis said that he expected such an answer of his friend for this was the day of gaining as much divine blessing as possible.

Shawzab got permission from Imam Husayn (pbuh) and was martyred. Aabis addressed Imam Husayn (pbuh) saying: “Ya Abu Abdillah! There is no one on this earth, far or near, who is more respectable and beloved to me than you.

If I could avert the torture and adversity from you with anything dearer than my blood and my nafs, I would have done it. O Abu Abdillah! Allah be my witness that I am on your path and on the path of your father."

When Aabis went to the battlefield, someone from the army of Yazid recognised him and called out to the others saying:

“The lion of lions is approaching, do not fight him alone.” Aabis went forward wielding his sword and shouting: “Isn’t there anyone? Isn’t there anyone?”

Umar Sa’d ordered Aabis to be pelted with stones from all sides as no one dared to fight him alone. He was martyred and beheaded. The soldiers argued as to who had killed him like hunters fighting over a prized bull. Umar Sa’d ended the dispute by saying that no-one had killed Aabis single

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