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Various definitions of Training

1. An action or a series of actions carried out on those who have not yet achieved full (physical and emotional) growth, to guide them in their thoughts and manners in order to create a strong and balanced human being.

2. A process to help the growth of mental and spiritual powers of the human being to go towards perfection.

3. An informed and thoughtful process which has the aim of guiding, changing, and achieving the full potential of, another.

4. Raising a human being to be useful and beneficial for society.

5. Islamic training can be defined as providing the necessary guidance and discipline through awakening potential virtues in the human being, and helping them develop.

Conclusions from the above definitions

1. Training is an informed and aware process.

2. Training has an aim.

3. Training has a plan and a strategy.

4. It is a movement towards perfection.

5. It brings about change for the better.

6. It is a continuous process.

Parents train their children throughout the time they are with them. The correct form of training would take into consideration the above definitions of training. This has a significant effect on the children, and can help create a virtuous personality. Inherited traits may be overcome or diminished through training.

Adopted from the book: "Raising Children" by: "Tahera Kassamali"

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