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The Unmatchable Love

Adopted from the Book : "The Generation Gap" by : Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Hakim

The Father

My child! It seems that you have forgotten everything. You think you were born that big! You are ignoring the different stages in your life. And how gradually you have grown through them! Think of your childhood, and the many exhausting troubles your parents were through for your sake. Think of when you were in your mother's womb1 and she carried your weight and of how she had to suffer morning sickness and many other complications related to different stages of pregrenancy untill you were born. That was just the begining. The beginning of a series of new inconviences for her as well as for your father. Your mother would nurse you, quiet you when you were crying, she would wash you, change you and keep your clothes clean.
During the night, she had to stay up in order to feed you and to lullaby you to sleep. Many time, she would beg others to be quiet so you could go to sleep. When you were healthy, they would worry that you wouldn't get sick. And when you were ill, they would do their best to seek medical assistance untill you recovered your health again. In either situation, they would alter their life style to meet yours. When you became of age you needed, even if they would do that with pleasure and satisfavtion of being able to provide your food. And when you become a little older and were able to play with toys, They purchased for you toys and games.

My Child! As you grew older, they sent you to kindergarten, primary school, high school, college, and university. They paid for all your school needs to the best of their ability. They assigned a special room for your study. Around your examination time, they worry abut your test results. And whenever you receive passing grades, it would make them the happiest parents under the sun. My child! When you are happy, they are happy and when you are sad, they are sad too. Whatever troubles your body amd soul, or comforts it, would bother or comfort theirs.

My dear child! In the family setting, your father and mother would rather for you to be the one to have the best food, clothing, and accommodations. They would spare you from any unpreventable inconvience. Even if they were not concerned about their own future, They certainly cared about yours. They worked hard to send you on a vacation so you would not get tired and bored. In the summer time, they would work in the hot climate but would send you to a cool place. My child! When you were at home, looking at you brought joy to their hearts. And when you were away on a trip, you were constantly on their minds. How could they forget about you? You are in their hearts. Whoever is in one's heart is on one's mind.

My child! If you were a few minutes late in coming home from school, they would worry about you. The same way if you were late coming home after going to see a friend. Think again, and think hard. Do you have anyone else in this world who would be so much concerned about you? My beloved! You are the apple of you parent's eyes, the joy of their lives and the source of their pride. Without you, the home is such a dull place. When your parents are out, their thought are with you, and upon returning home, they step in the house with anticipation of the joy of seeing you here.

My child! After your educational goal is reached and you are ready to fo to work, they will use all their night and means to help you find your desired kind of employment, so you would serve your society in the best possible capacity. And now that you are putting your education to work and starting to reap it's intellectual and material fruits, your parents have nor the least expectaition to share it's benefit with you. Instead, they are happy for your good fortune. My child! when you are ready for marriage, your parents, with their blessings and happiness, will assist you in preparing for and make happen this jouous event of your life.

My child! By the time you enter the society and occupy you place in accordance with what you contribute to it, you have gone through many life situations and in short, you have come a long way. My beloved child! Take a good look at your past. Review and analyze every event. See who had faithfully and sincerely stayed by you and helped you.

Were they any other than your father and your mother?

Yes? It was only they. It was only they who help you with your problems; got rid of obstacles from your path and help you fulfill you dreams and accomplish your goals. It was they who put up with all sorts of hardships and hazards! Words cannot express the degree and extent of all such inconveniences. Is there anyone who can do so? Only Allah knows all your father and mother had suffered for your sake!

The Child:

I shall never forget all your endeavours that you, my father and mother, have done for my success, and in my upbringing. Also, I shall never be able to tell you how important you have been in my life. Or to mention the depth of your love for me. However, I look forward to finding an opportunity to express my appreciation both in words and in deeds, indeed.

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