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The Ritual Prayer of Circumambulation (Tawaf)

1. Ii is obligatory for the pilgrim, after finishing the circumambulation, to perform its two-cycle prayer like the morning prayer, with the intention of seeking Allah's nearness.

2. One must immediately perform the two-cycle prayer without any delay.

3. It is recommended to recite after Sura al-Hamd, Sura al-Tawhid in the first cycle and Sura al-Kafirun in the second; unlike the ritual prayer in which one may recite any sura (chapter) of the Holy Qur'an except those which require a prostration.

4. This particular prayer can be recited, either aloud, like mourning prayer, or quietly like the noon prayer.

5. Any doubt that may arise during performing this prayer, makes it invalid and it should be recited once again from the beginning.

6. It is obligatory to recite this kind of prayer alongside Ibrahim's station.

Adapted from the Book: "The Hajj as Worship and Education" by: "Al-Balagh Foundation"

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