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Circumambulation (Tawaf)

Tawaf is the second duty of umrah. It literally means to circumambulate around the Sacred Ka'ba beginning from the Black Stone and ending at it.


Tawaf is correct only when the following conditions are met:

a. Intention: The pilgrim should intend: I make Tawaf of umrah al-Tamattu' of the Islamic Hajj seven times seeking the pleasure of Allah, the Exalted. When making the intention the left side of the pilgrim should face the black stone.

b. Purity from all major and minor impurities through ablution or obligatory bathing (Ghusl).

c. Clothes and body should be free of any impurities (Najassat).

d. Circumcision in the case of men.

e. Covering private parts during Tawaf.

Duties to be Observed During Tawaf:

It is obligatory for a pilgrim to observe the following points:

1. Starting from the Black Stone for each of the seven Tawafs.
2. Ending at the Black Stone.
3. The left side of the Ka'ba should be always on the left side of the pilgrim during Tawaf.
4. The pilgrim should circumambulate around Ismail's Hijir (a semi-circular short wall facing Ka'ba from the west that is consider a part of Ka'ba) without entering it.
5. The pilgrim should make Tawaf around the Ka'ba and away from the place called Shadhrawan (the lower part of the walls of Ka'ba).
6. One should circumambulate around the Ka'ba seven times continuously.
7. Tawaf should be performed between the Ka'ba and Ibrahim's station (which is about 13 meters away from Ka'ba)


1. Circumambulation is invalid if it is done more than seven times or if the pilgrim considers the additional turns as a part of his/her obligatory Tawaf (circumambulation); otherwise he/she should start once again.

2. Likewise, when the pilgrim comes out of the area of circumambulation, his circumambulation is invalid.

3. During circumambulation, if the pilgrim doubts the number of circumambulation he has performed is more or less than seven, his circumambulation is invalid.

Adapted from the Book: "The Hajj as Worship and Education" by: "Al-Balagh Foundation"

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