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The Responsibilities of Fathers & Mothers

Adopted from the Book : "The Generation Gap" by : Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Hakim

The Father:

My child! based on the verse in the Holy Qur'an that advise benevolence to parents, next to worshipping of Almighty Allah, it is undrstood that next to our obligations to Him, there is no greator obligation than that to our parents.

The Child:

My honourable father! Your responsibilities to me as parents are as great as your authority over me. It is all up to you as to how you raise and rear me and and how to educate me. Our times are different from each others. Our enviroment too is different from that in which you wre grewing up. A simple life, with no means of corruption and not too many social obligation or luxuries, raised you to the way you are. But I was born into this world in the age of Atom, machine and cinema and in a polluted enviroment.

As if I were to spend all day and night serving you would not be too, much, you should do likewise for me, and have a watching eye day and night one me in this rough sea (of life). If I am about to drown, grab my hand and rescue me. Parents should periodically go to their children's schools and inquire about their education and behaviour from their teachers. Ask about their associates and close friends and particalarly to ask about where they spend their time when they are out for the evening.

At night at home they should help their children with their homework by offering them guidance. If they are about to engage in an unwise activity, they should stop them by explaining to them the harms that may be involved. In this way, they will learn from their parent's past exprinces. Of course, their involvement should not be deterimental to the children's independent personality or to their confidence building.

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