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The Real Housewives’ Most Notorious Parenting Moments

The 411: While her most serious transgression has been her involvement in a kidnapping and extortion plot (she also faced a cocaine-possession charge), the drama doesn't end there. She was the catalyst for almost every fight, hair-pull, and table-throw the New Jersey season has seen, and we're starting to wonder what the other housewives would be like without Staub egging them on. (Guess we'll see in season 4, since Staub was dismissed from the show.) Fortunately, her two sweet, rational teenage daughters are doing surprisingly well and seem to have more sense and poise than their mom.
Signature Parenting Moment: Danielle’s daughters try to talk her out of driving by Caroline's party, to which she was not invited. "Mom, you're messing yourself up right now!" daughter Christine says. "We're not gonna let you make a jerk out of yourself!" But their advice falls on deaf ears, and Danielle cannot be calmed.
Gotta Love Her: It’s hard to find anything to love about Danielle -- although there’s plenty we love to hate.

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