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The Prophet's Justice

When he was seriously ill with his fatal illness, the Apostle of God came to the mosque and said: 'My Lord, mighty and majestic is He, has passed judgement and has sworn that he will not overlook the wrong of any wrongdoer. So I adjure you by God, any man of you who has been wronged by Muhammad let him stand and take his requital. For requital in this world is preferable to me than requital in the next in front of the angels and the prophets.' One man stood up who was named: 'Saw"dah ibn Qays.' He said: 'May my mother and father be your sacrifice, O Apostle of God, when you came from al-?"'if I was there to greet you. You were on your camel and in your hand was your riding crop. When you wanted to set out you raised your crop and it hit my stomach and I do not know whether it was deliberate or by accident.'

The Prophet said: 'God forbid that I did it deliberately.' Then he said: 'O Bilal, go to the house of F"Uimah and bring me my riding crop.' Bilal left and began calling in the alleys of Medina: 'O people, have you heard of one offering himself up for requital before the Day of Resurrection? Here is Muhammad offering himself up for requital before the Day of Resurrection!' Then Bilal brought the riding crop to the Apostle of God who said: Where is the Shaykh? (Meaning Saw"dah).

The Shaykh stood up and said: 'Here I am O Apostle of God, may my father and mother be your sacrifice.'

The Prophet said: 'Come and take your requital from me to your satisfaction.' The Shaykh said: 'Then uncover your stomach O Apostle of God.' So he uncovered his stomach.

The Shaykh said: 'By my father and mother O Apostle of God, do you give me permission to put my mouth to your stomach?' The Prophet gave his permission.

The Shaykh said: 'I seek refuge in the place of requital on the stomach of the Apostle of God from Hellfire on the Day of Hellfire.' The Prophet said: 'O Saw"dah ibn Qays, are you forgiving me or are you taking requital?'

Saw"dah said: 'Indeed, I am forgiving O Apostle of God.' The Apostle of God said: 'O God, forgive Saw"dah ibn Qays as he has forgiven your Prophet Muhammad.' 93 Asking for Forgiveness The Apostle of God would often say: 'Glory and praise be to you O God, forgive me, verily you are The Oft Forgiving, The Most Merciful.' 94 Im"m Ali Ri+" relates: 'The Apostle of God would not stand up from a gathering however brief without seeking forgiveness from Almighty God twenty five times.' 95

It is related that Imam Ja!far Sadiq said: 'The Apostle of God used to seek forgiveness from Almighty God seventy times every day and repent to Him seventy times every day.' 96


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Adopted from the book : "The Prophet Muhammad; a Mercy to the World" by : "Ayatullah Muhammad Sadiq al-Shirazi"

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