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Praising Almighty God

It is related that Imam Ali said: 'Whenever the Apostle of God saw something he liked he said: 'Praise be to God by whose blessings good things come to pass.' 97 Imam Sadiq said: 'Whenever the Apostle of God found something that pleased him he would say: 'Praise be to God for this blessing.' If he found something which disturbed him he would say: 'Praise be to God in all circumstances.' 98 Imam Ja!far Sadiq said: 'The Apostle of God would praise God every day three hundred and sixty times,... saying: 'Great praise be to God, Lord of the worlds in all circumstances.' 99

Encouragement of Almsgiving

The Apostle of God said: 'Give in charity even if you only give just one date, for it feeds the hungry and extinguishes [your] sin as water extinguishes fire.' 100

He also said: 'When a person performs well his almsgiving, God will guarantee that the wealth he leaves behind will be well looked after.' 101 He also said: 'Whoever wishes to prevent misfortune, then let him begin each day by giving alms.' In one of his recommendations to Imam Ali, the Apostle of God, said: 'As for almsgiving, do your utmost, until people say that you have been profligate when in fact you have not been profligate.' 102 It is related that J"bir ibn Abdull"h AnN"ri said: 'Never was the Apostle of God asked for something and he said: 'No.' 103

In a tradition of Imam Ali's about the morals of the Prophet he says: 'He was never asked anything and said: 'No.' He would never send away anyone who asked him something without either giving him what he asked or speaking to him some kind words.' 104

It is related that a man came to the Prophet and asked him for something and the Prophet gave him it. Then someone else asked him and he gave him what he wanted. Then another man came and asked him for something and the Prophet promised it to him. At this Omar ibn al-KhaUU"b stood up and said: 'O Apostle of God, you were asked and you gave, then you were asked again and you gave, then you were asked once more and you gave your promise. You do not have to commit yourself if you do not have the means.' This speech upset the Apostle of God. Then in a show of support Abdull"h ibn H{adh"fah al-Sahm: stood up and said: 'Spend, O Apostle of God, and do not fear a decrease from the Owner of the Throne [i.e. God].' The Prophet was visibly pleased by this, smiled, and replied: 'This is what I have been ordered by God to do.' 105


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Adopted from the book : "The Prophet Muhammad; a Mercy to the World" by : "Ayatullah Muhammad Sadiq al-Shirazi"

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