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Adopted from the book : "The Life Story and Martyrdom of Hazrate Fatemeh (s.a.)" by : "Mahdi Ja'fari"

The proper prayer before sleep

Fatemeh is known to have recounted this interesting true story:"

One day, as I was preparing myself to sleep, suddenly I saw my father entering our room. He said:" My beloved daughter! Never sleep at night, unless you have accomplished four things ...!

First, You have to read your Quran from the beginning to end.

Then you have to ask for the great Prophets of God to intercede in your favor after your death.

The third thing you should remember, is that you have to make all the faithful believers happy and content of you.

And finally, you have to go to Mecca, and accomplish the Pilgrimage of Hajj".

Fatemeh said:" After having said that, my father began to perform his prayer, and I had to wait until he finished his prayer to ask more information from him. I said most confused:" 0 Messenger of God you have ordered me to do four things before sleep ... But beloved father, I cannot see myself executing such things! I am unable to accomplish them at this late hour!"

The Prophet smiled graciously, and answered: "If you say three times the "Ikhlas" sourate, it's as though you have read the Holy Quran from the beginning to end. If you say greetings and salutations to me and to the other great Prophets, you make us intercede in your favour. If you pray for the faithful believers, you have made them happy and content. And at last, if you say "Sobhan Allahe, valhamdollellahe, vala elaha ellallahe vallaho akbar ..." "it's as though you have accomplished the Pilgrimage of Hajj ..."

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