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The best gift in the world!

Adopted from the book : "The Life Story and Martyrdom of Hazrate Fatemeh (s.a.)" by : "Mahdi Ja'fari"

Fatemeh has also recounted that once, she went to see her beloved father, to ask for a maid, so that she could do the house chores with her help.

Our Prophet asked her:" Do you wish me instruct you of something much more valuable than these wordly thing?" And then he added:" when you go to bed, always remember to say 33 times "Sobhanallah", 33 times "Alhamdollellah" 34 times Allaho Akbar".

This is much better than anything in this world for you! My beloved daughter, are you happy, now that I have taught you this precious prayer?"

And Fatemeh had replied:" Yes father, I am much obliged and I thank you!"

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