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The Last Year of the Great Prophet (s.a.w.)

The Last Pilgrimage

In the 10 th year of Hijrah the Prophet (SAW) performed the last pilgrimage of his life. He went through the Haj rites with great elegance in the company of thousands of Muslims.

On his return journey he delivered a memorable and historical sermon at a place called Ghadeer-e-Khum in the presence of thousands of Muslims of different parts of the land. In this Sermon he broke the painful news of the approaching time of his departure from this world and asked them whether or not he had greater authority over them as compared to their own selves.

When all of them admitted that he had greater authority over them. then holding the hand of Hazrat Ali (AS) he raised him before the congregation and declared: "Ali" shall have the same authority over you as I have In this way he proclaimed the name of his successor after him. The entire congregation of Muslims expressed its happiness and satisfaction at this declaration and Ali (AS) was generally acknowledged as the Prophet's (SAW) successor.

Left this World for His Heavenly Abode

It was the terrible day of Monday, the 28 Safar, in the eleventh year after Hijrah when the reformer of the world, the Prophet (SAW) of Islam. Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) left this world for his heavenly abode after a brief illness of a few days. As willed by him his cousin and successor, Hazrat Ali (AS) performed his funeral rites and buried his mortal remains in the closet adjacent to his mosque where he had breathed his last.

The green dome of his tomb at Madinah is a place of pilgrimage for Muslims from all over the world which they visit before or after Haj. They, thus earn the honour of having the blessed view both of his mosque and of his shrine.

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